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Ruth Drayer

Ruth A Drayer, life coach, internationally known numerologist and author (Numerology, the Power in Numbers and Nicholas & Helena Roerich) draws on her spiritual and creative background to bring many unique skills to her coaching. Using Numerology, deep listening, visualizations, ceremony, intuitive wisdom and more, Ruth will assist you to overcome the blocks to greater creativity and becoming the person you know you are meant to be.

Working with Ruth, you will feel heard, encouraged and supported in your unique manifestation of artistry. With two books in print, she has experience and knowledge to share in areas of writing, editing, self-publishing, finding agents, and large publishing houses.

Although, her experience as a painter of abstract art and work as a counselor and numerologist has taught her to listen to her own intuition and inner guidance, she also understands the importance of outside encouragement and counsel.

It is said that "it takes a community to raise a child." However most of us don't live in physical community. That's where a Life Coach comes in as cheerleader, friend and therapist to provide safe, insightful assistance in helping you stretch into your fullest potential.

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Client comment: "Ruth opens the door to my fullest potential and offers me the opportunity to become my greatest self. Working with her is such a pleasure for she embodies the wisdom of a soul who has lived a rich and rewarding life. Ruth has a way of knowing just what to say to create meaningful introspection or positive change in my life. I also enjoy the fact that she is a highly skilled Numerologist for in essence, this informs her work as a Life Coach."

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