Numerology Readings with Ruth Drayer

Numerology readings offer a unique perspective for understanding all relationships. They are much appreciated as new baby gifts and birthday presents and are valuable in choosing your new business name.

A Numerology Reading is an Essential Step on the Path to Authentic Empowerment.

Helpful, hopeful, insightful, relevant and extremely positive, Ruth Drayer's numerology readings blend the ancient wisdom of the East and West. They combine the works of Dr. Juno Jordan and the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, adding Ruth's finely-honed counseling skills, almost 40 years of experience, her intuition and deep spirituality. The holistic, empowering benefits reverberate in many directions: By the end of your session, you will:

Recognize strengths which you may be overlooking and obtain a sense of freedom that allows you to be more confident when making changes and restructuring your life.

Understand your patterns and the timing of your personal cycles of change and expansion so that they are useful to you in setting goals and making decisions.

Understand and appreciate yourself more so you can be more compassionate and accepting of yourself (and others) in order to better flow and harmonize with your life.

A reading covers your plan and purpose in life, your heart's desire, life lessons, karmic numbers, an overview of the talents and abilities you have brought in with you from previous lifetimes, and the timing of your personal cycles.

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