Spiritual Counseling by Ruth Drayer Numerologist, Life Coach, Author, Artist

With the times as challenging and changing as they are, a numerology reading can help. The better we understand ourselves, the more confidence and courage we will have.

Are you looking for guidance and counseling? With over 40 years experience, and her holistic, spiritual, intuitive understandings, Ruth Drayer  offers guidance and counseling. She is a trustworthy guide. Internationally known, Drayer carries forward the line of numerologists begun with the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, the Father of Numerology, and passed into our times by Dr. Juno Jordan.

The ancient science of Numerology has much to offer. Through it, your full name and birthday construct your Divine Code which explains your life plan. By knowing your plan and purpose, potentials and personal cycles, you are empowered to make more confident choices in enhancing or restructuring your life.

With her high degree of accuracy, Drayer assists you to see your life in a new light. A reading with Ruth is a giant step towards creating a satisfying future.

Ruth works by telephone and records your session so that you can hear it as many times as you like.