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Numerology The Power In Numbers by Ruth Drayer

ISBN: 0-7570-0098-3
Length: 192 Pages
Size: 6 X 9-inch
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Category: Body, Mind & Spirit/ Numerology
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Numerology is the art and science of deciphering the cosmic code that uses numbers to symbolize and map out the blueprint of our lives:  our soul’s journey. Over 2,000 years ago, Pythagoras, the father of geometry, believed the key to understanding the universe was concealed in the science of numbers. Like a window into ourselves the numbers encoded into our names and birth dates symbolize the deeper meanings behind the events of our past, present and future. By studying your own unique set of numbers, you have within your grasp the tools to identify and examine the inherent and powerful forces that occur throughout your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Through a fresh and exciting left-brain/right-brain approach to this intriguing subject, famed numerologist and author Ruth A. Drayer has written Numerology–a clear, concise guide for understanding and implementing this fascinating subject. Written for both the beginner as well as the more advanced student, the book begins with a history of numerology, tracing its roots to ancient Egypt and Greece. Ms. Drayer then proceeds to examine the fundamentals of this science, discussing the importance of free will, names, and birthdays along with the relevance of odd, even, and attainment numbers.

Through the use of diagrams and easy-to-follow instructions, she guides you into constructing your personal numerological chart. Through the observation and understanding of your own unique numbers, you have the precious opportunity to gain greater insight into the nature of your personality–the shortcomings as well as the qualities–with the objective of gaining command in all areas in your life. Numerology provides all of the tools you will need to achieve this goal.

Ruth A. Drayer has pursued the study of numerology for over thirty years, and has taught thousands of others her intuitive method of reading numbers. Through her private practice, she counsels clients from all over the world. A highly sought-after public speaker, Ms. Drayer has served as a facilitator at conferences and workshops on this subject throughout North America. She has also appeared as a guest-expert on numerous television and radio shows. A world traveler, artist, and mother of four, Ms. Drayer makes her home in Las Cruces, New Mexico.


Author’s Note

Introduction: The Legend
1. History of Numerology
2. Constructing the Chart, The Heart of a Numerology Reading
3. General Ideas and Information
4. Introduction to the Numbers
5. The Master Numbers
6. For Those Ready to Go Deeper
7. Name Changes, Birthdays & More About Cycles
8. Constructing the Table of Events, The Blueprint of your Life


This book is a product of some of my explorations into the world of numerology. It distills the essence of the knowledge I gained from books and pamphlets and combines it with my years of observing and intuiting how numbers interact in people’s lives. Numerology is the study of a cosmic code that uses numbers as symbols. It assigns a number to each letter in the alphabet and then that number lifts a curtain, which allows people to see deeply into their life talents, abilities, and purpose. Birth dates convert naturally into numbers and provide the understanding of each person’s life lesson and the cycles that help each soul learn the things that it has chosen to learn in this life. Numerology is used for insight into both who we are and the world in which we live. Wherever there is a number, it is actually a symbol for a truth. There are many systems of numerology used throughout the world. The basic difference is the values assigned to each letter in the alphabet. Although you can end up with a different set of numbers, the meanings attached to those numbers are very much the same. The system used in this book is called the Pythagorean system, and it is used most commonly in the Western world.

Many times I have been asked if my interpretations come directly from the numbers. I never know how to answer that question because somehow they are coming from the symbols we call numbers and somehow they are also coming from my intuition. And that is how a symbol works–it represents and conveys a body of knowledge that opens to the one interpreting it. Therefore, numerology is not exact or quantified. The challenge of writing about it is in finding the perfect words to help readers with a process whose goal is to open their intuition and allow what is there to unfold. Once an idea is put into written words, it often limits a person’s perspective. Most of us tend to take someone else’s word before checking inside ourselves for our own perception. So please open your mind and your heart as you read.

The soul’s journey is more complex than can be explained by only one lifetime on this planet. While a belief in reincarnation is not necessary to follow my insights and explanations, it is my belief and, therefore, my reference point. One of the beauties of numerology is that people bring their own ideas to it. Each of us is the sum total of all of our experiences, and we bring that with us wherever we go. It is the way in which we make sense of the world and it is what we bring to any study.

This book is about the joy to be found through the study of numbers. Just as light, color, and sound are composed of vibrations, this book is also about the light, color, and sound of vibration itself. It is about the energy each number vibrates to. It is about you, and what you vibrate to. This is about the “Music of the Spheres” of which the master teacher Pythagoras spoke. If the old esoteric axiom of “as above, so below” is true, then as the planets and stars sing to us, so also do we sing to them! Therefore, this is a book of musical notes, a how-to book on the orchestration of our lives, encouraging us to put our whole hearts into singing and making “a joyful noise unto the Lord.” It is written for people who want to make changes in their lives. Your own discoveries will help to make your life richer and more meaningful. I have tried to keep it simple enough so that you will have fun; however, I have also tried to teach the profound depth and meaning offered through numerology. Hopefully, you will progress to helping others with this knowledge.

A baby comes to earth, sparkling new, filled with God’s love, wrapped in an aura of color and sound. It has picked its name and birth date carefully. These are not accidents, for the name and birth date provide the knowledge of this soul’s past life experiences and growth accomplished, plus the complete plan for this life. While numerology actually lays out the full blueprint of each of our lives, there is no way to predict completely the choices we will make, or ascertain if we are living life in a positive style or a negative one. To know and be able to read a complete name and birth date is to have knowledge of someone, in this life and in others past. There is a great responsibility that goes along with this information: literally, to revere each person as a unique child of God, one only, a soul that deserves tremendous respect, love, and unconditional acceptance. Any guidance you may offer others needs to be done from this viewpoint. As you grow to revere yourself, you then also revere others, and the world becomes a place of miracles.

People commonly have a strong desire to rush through the beginning pages to “get to the good stuff.” However, as you are learning a completely new language and philosophy, you will benefit if you take your time passing through and thoroughly familiarizing yourself with this book. You will begin learning the art (and science) of opening your intuition with these ancient symbols. There is a common myth that we “have one number” or “are one number.” If you are about to search for “it,” let me explode that myth. We are intricately complicated beings who can never be explained by one symbol, number, or vibration. In all the years I have been doing numerology, I have never found anyone who is only one number or any two people with completely the same numbers.

The form of this book is unique in that everything about each number is in one place. In Chapter 1, you will find a brief history of numerology and meet a few of the people who helped make it the useful tool it is. You will also find a discussion about how free will enters into our lives and an explanation of the importance of the name and the birth date. Chapter 2 will show how to construct a chart, the heart of a numerology reading. In Chapter 3, you will meet each of the numbers (symbols) and get a real feeling for the characteristics or personality of each one. When you complete that chapter, you will have a good enough general understanding to begin drawing upon your own intuition.

In Chapter 4, you will find explanations of some very special numbers called master numbers. Chapters 5 is filled with information that will take you into some of the finer points of reading and understanding a chart and will provide you with greater depth and insight into a name and birth date. Chapter 6 will explain the many various numerological cycles, which are always spiraling through our lives. Chapter 7 will put everything together and explain how to read a chart. It includes information on relationships and compatibility and guidelines for comparing two charts. You will also find information on name changes here.

I suggest to you that the information conveyed through the written words on these pages is on many different levels and needs to be taken slowly. Please try all of the activities and suggestions offered and immerse yourself in this study. The more you put into it, the more you will receive from it. Ancient teachings were transmitted orally, and, while centuries of written words have been extremely beneficial, we have come to a time where we are again unlocking our natural knowing–and remembering. I hope this book will assist you to reawaken in yourself a tiny place that has been slumbering, waiting for this very moment.


“Unlike some books whose ’personality types’ are so broadly drawn that the reader can find herself in nearly every one, Numerology gives readers an opportunity to understand that they are the sum of their parts, and then some. [Ruth Drayer] has written the book in a generally clear, charming voice that manages to instruct while entertaining … For seekers who want to understand more about themselves and others in their lives, this book will serve as an excellent introduction to a new psychological tool. For those already skilled in numerology, Drayer’s work will add a whole new content to their practice.”

—ForeWord Magazine

Numerology is a monument to the power in numbers. Ruth Drayer has given us insight on how numerology works in this easy-to-read and impressive book. — Richard Fuller, Metaphysical Reviews

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