How can my name have any influence my life? Isn't a name just accidental?

Truly, life and having a body are pretty miraculous altogether. If you look at it from the perspective that you are a soul returning to life and not just a bunch of cells that formed into a baby, it makes more sense. Earth is our school. Before we incarnate, we sit with our "board of advisors" who lay out our life plan. When we accept. We chose our place of birth, time, parents, ethnic background, etc., and our name goes on like the label on a package. Nothing about the process is accidental. It is exactly what our soul wants for this lifetime journey.

But I don't even like my name and have never used it

Looking at it numerologically, you actually chose and wanted it for the numbers it supplies. Even if you never use it, it formed your foundation.

I changed my name. Which name do I use to figure the numbers with?

You always begin with your full name at birth. Overlaid on that is the name you are presently using. It is possible to change your name many times throughout life, but your full name at birth always carries the most weight as it was what got you to the point when you were ready for a change.


Some people think the personal year changes on their birthday, others say it is January 1st. Which is correct?

Actually both. Officially, when the calendar progresses from December 31 to January 1st, we all move forward to our next personal year. However, people born in the last half of the year don't line up with that as completely as those born from January to June. The former remain in their previous year until about mid-summer, which means they are in two personal years for part of each year.

Then it gets more complicated because there is an inner cycle that runs from birthday to birthday as well as the outer cycle which runs January 1 to December 31. Because numerology is based on numbers—regardless of when our birthday falls—when the year moves forward, we all enter a new personal year.

Does it make any difference if my parents were speaking a language other than English when they named me?

A more accurate reading will result if you lay out the numbers 1 - 9 and then assign each number its corresponding letters in the alphabet. Then continue on in the usual manner. However, if your name is in a language that uses symbols or characters (like Chinese or Arabic) it would be best to use the transliterated version. If that is too complicated—such as with alphabets that have 120 characters—then just rely on the information that comes from the birthdate.

Is "Y" considered a vowel?

"Y" is considered a vowel when there are no other vowels in the syllable. example: Ma - ry or Lynn. However it is considered a consonant in Lynne—which is only one syllable.